BARK 2022

Wholly Cannoli

Michael, Cannoli & I along with my amazing family are participating in Bark 2022 and raising money for The Anti-Cruelty Society. 

This year our teamhas set an ambitious fundraising goal! The money we raise will be used to provide critical care for thousands of animals, and help them find good homes.It’s an amazing organization that I’m proud to support. Last year they helped place more than 4,800 abused and neglected animals into loving homes. They performed over 4,800 spay/neuter surgeries to help control the pet population.


Every donation makes a difference. The Anti-Cruelty Society has an open door policy and won’t turn away any animal regardless of age, condition, or temperament. A $10 donation can help pay for a deworming treatment, and a donation of $150 will pay for five days of shelter, medical care, and food for just one dog. 


The care that The Anti-Cruelty Society provides to animals in need is only possible through the community’s assistance. I hope that you will support our team and BARK 2022. Your generosity will ensure that thousands ofabandoned and neglected animals will find hope, comfort, and healing this year. 


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