BARK 2022

Team Credico

Hello Credico Team!

You! Anyone in the Chicago office and beyond who want to have a fun day in the sun. (Your pooches are also welcome! Also: there will be beer.)

Each year, thousands of people and pets gather along Chicago's lakefront to walk (that’s right, you don’t need to be an athlete!) 2.5 miles andraise funds for animals in need. BARK is The Anti-Cruelty Society's biggest fundraiser of the year, and your participation helps us care for thousands of animals. Walk with us along the lakefront and help animals in need. Even if you don’t join us for the walk, we’d love to have you participate in fundraising.

Stadium Green at Soldier Field

Saturday, May 21, 2022 (8am-1pm; the walk kicks off at 9am) – Fundraisers may swap this for an in-office day at your manager’s discretion. More details about exact meetup location will be available closer to the event.

Every donation makes a difference. The Anti-Cruelty Society has an open door policy and won’t turn away any animal regardless of age, condition, or temperament. A $10 donation from your friends and family can help pay for a deworming treatment, and a donation of $150 will pay for five days of shelter, medical care, and food for just one animal. Our Credico goal is to raise $2,500.

Any individual who raises $250 or above will receive an extra PTO day! (Please do not enter on Zenefits- take up with HR + Manager.)

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