25th Anniversary of Bark in the Park

Surf Street Unleashed

Surf Street Unleashed:

We are a group of neighbors joined by our common love for dogs! We all became friends through our pups interactions and relentlessness to meet everyone on the sidewalk. Where would we be without the akward butt sniffs, tangled leashes, wet kisses and overall joy these puppers bring us each and every day.

Every. Single. Dog. Needs a Home! Every life deserves a chance. Who else can benefit from the love we've all witnessed by owning, supporting or fostering a dog? Let's have some fun and raise awareness and money for this amazing cause!  Please join us at Bark in the Park on Saturday May 18th by registering for the event or by donating if you cannot make it. 

Our goal is to raise as much as we can for these pups in need. Please help support our cause :) 

About Anti-Cruelty Society 

In 1899, Rose Fay Thomas, wife of Chicago Symphony Orchestra founder Theodore Thomas, established The Anti-Cruelty Society and forever changed the landscape of animal welfare throughout the Chicago region. Since that time, the Society has endured as Chicago's oldest and largest open admission animal welfare organization, one that provides a wide breadth of programs that save the lives of thousands of animals each year. A certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the recipient of a four-star Charity Navigator rating, The Anti-Cruelty Society’s mission is to build a community of caring by helping pets and educating people. 

Today, The Anti-Cruelty Society remains the oldest and the largest open admission animal welfare organization in Chicago. All animals are welcome at the Society every day of the year. We never turn an animal away from our doors. Ever.  And once an animal is admitted, they can stay as long as it takes to find their forever home.

However, the care that we provide to animals in need is only possible through the friendship and support of our community. And by choosing to run with Team Anti-Cruelty, you are making a difference to each and every one of the animals that comes to us in search of hope, comfort, and healing.

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